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The activity of our enterprise is aimed first of all at concern for the environment,
promotion of culture and healthy way of life

The private enterprise "Ruslan & Lyudmila" is a diversified enterprise, headed by a co-founder, Director-General G.F. Vysotskaya
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Training of specialists in informotherapy, provision with equipment, biologically active additives, ecoprotectors (sorbents) which withdraw strontium and radionuclides from the human body. Responsible: "Research Institute of Integrative and Non-Hentropic Medicine", under direction by Doctor of Biology Z.D. Skripnyuk,

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Director: V.N. Fedorovskiy

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Spiritual impressionism painting, artistic textile, graphics, cinema products dynasty of Bondarenko family under management of N.P. Bondarenko

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, :

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Memorial and easel sculptures of classical realism, memorial medals, ceramics Yu.K. Skoblikova

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Regional architecture of dwelling houses, offices, memorials, temples - A.M. Tsurkan

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Production and sale of the "Contrust" rust converter, development of schemes and delivery of services on preparing metal structure surfaces for application of anticorrosive, antifouling, and antiparaffin environmentally safe coatings - Private Enterprise "Ruslan & Lyudmila", Director: L.N. Vysotskaya; joint enterprise "Firm VOLYA", Director for foreign economic activity A.K. Izmaylov
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Association "Wood resources" - the independent legal person who is created in 1992 under the initiative of Gosstandart of Ukraine (National body of standardization) for the organization and coordination of works in the field of standardizations of the objects containing wood.

Now the Association provides activity:
  • secretariat ISO/TC 218 "Timber" - the International Technical committee on standardization of timber;
  • secretariat TK 18 "Wood resources" - National Technical committee of Ukraine on standardization of wood resources; 
  • BOS "Building wood" - the Base Organization of Ukraine on standardization of building wood.

Chairman of association Ivan Derevianko 

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Developer and manufacturer of sealing suspensions based on modified graphite environmentally safe, nontoxic, anticorrosive, antifouling, chemically, biologically, and radiationally stable "Grafplast". The compounds feature high performance characteristics, waterproofing properties, adhesion to concrete, metal, and other materials, chemical and biological stability. They possess the ability to bind water on a concrete surface, thereby preventing the formation of a "water wedge"; protect welded seams of metal structures against pickups and stray currents; reinforce crumbling concrete and metallic structures weakened by corrosion. "Grafplast KP" is fire-resistant and is an excellent protection of buildings and structures from fire and thermal radiation. It is used at arrangement of poured-on roofing and is an indispensable coating over the "Contrust" rust converter, which improves the economic efficiency and extends the service life of metal structures by more than 30 years - Research and production enterprise "Grafplast", Director: A.I. Getmanets
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Rehabilitation of central space heating systems, delivery of equipment, microwave drying, introduction of newest technologies with the use of the "Contrust" rust converter - firm "Pantsers". Director: E.Yu. Kononir
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Realization and delivery of services on application of zinc-filled compounds: ZFES, ZINOTERM, ZINOL, ZINOTAN, ZINEP, putties ZINMASTIC. Owing to a simple application, fast drying, and high protective properties, and hence an economic efficiency, these materials are widely used by many enterprises in various industries - limited-liability company Trade-and-Industrial Company "Terra". Director: B.V. Vovchuk
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 Director of enterprise "Kompaund Yug" - N.N. Pavlovskiy, regional representative of private enterprise "Ruslan & Lyudmila" on delivery of services and sales of the "Contrust" rust converter in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

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Delivery of high-quality paint coatings - representative of concern "Novo Khim" M.P. Dypko

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