On the company

Created by Galyna  and Liudmyla Vysotska in September 1998, the private enterprise “Ruslan & Liudmyla “ successfully upholds the best traditions of the Joint Venture “VOLIA firm”, set up by G. Vysotska bask in 1993  in the wake of the proclamation of free enterprise and international cooperation.

In the production sphere, “Ruslan & Liudmyla” produces and sells the environmentally safe rust converter “Contrrust”, which was launched info production bask in the early nineties. Today  “Contrrust” has no analogues in the world.

The credit for the artistic sphere of “Ruslan & Liudmyla”’s activities –architecture, painting, sculpture and decorative art- goes to well-known masters and talented young people alike. The purely Kyivan expression of Nina Bondarenko’s painting and Lilia and Yaroslav Bondarenko’s batik and graphic art have lately become known not only in the former Soviet countries but also in the art galleries, museum and private collections of Switzerland, France and the USA.

Memorative medals, decorative ceramics, monuments and sculptures by the universally gifted Yulia Skoblikova are known far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

It was with the support of the director general and the entire team of the “Ruslan & Liudmyla” that the well-known Kyiv architect Anatoliy Tsurkan created his major works.

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Sincerely yours, Galina Vysotskaya


General director of the privat company “Ruslan & Liudmyla”
Galyna Vysotskaya

Director of the privat company “Ruslan & Liudmyla”
Liudmyla Vysotskya


Creative fellowship tested in time: Skoblikova Yulia – a memorial and sculptures of classical realism, porcelain, commemorative medals.

Tsurkan Anatoliy – the author of more than 200 projects in Kyiv and Ukraine – organic redional architecture of dwellings, offices, monuments,  temples of Health and Thought, Symbols of Time, stimuli of Life perfection